RC94: IASOS - 'BORA BORA 2000' (c65)

edition of 125
professionally duplicated chrome plus cassettes
individually sealed with color insert and download code card inside

Set in the tropical paradise of Bora Bora somewhere around the year 2000, Greek New Age composer, Iasos, in 1991 crafted his most dance-centric album to date. "Bora Bora 2000" does reference tropical paradises of Tahiti and Cuba but the nature of these floral synth arangements seem to come from a more alien world. An island where plants talk to the stones. Crystalline avian beings play metal fruits like steel drums. On the softer side, songs like "Tahiti Sunset" play like sun touched water color paintings of beaches that never existed. This is music for adventures in the mind. Playful is Iasos's go to emotion with this record. His synthesizer melodies weave light in and out of the dense palm folliage. Waiting just at the other side of the dune is a hilarious and fun party that Iasos and his make believe animal pals have curated just for your enjoyment! - Tristan Whitehill (Euglossine)


edition of 280

Back on Rotifer, Sub Liquid presents his 10th release to date. From Northern California, Graham Pisarek uses a tasteful, intricate blend of all original found sounds and instrumentation to compose atmospheres you can really cut a rug to. Be sure to visit Sub Liquid's site for more information and a free stream of 'Beneath Your Reflection'. Professionally duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes. Individually shrink wrapped.

RC75: SUB LIQUID - 'APEX' (c42) 1 copy left!!

edition of 200

First physical release from Sub Liquid (Graham Pisarek) local from Nevada City! After a by chance encounter, this release became inevitable. Pure, aerial beats sure to keep your head bobbin'. Much more to come, including shows around the northern California area and more new cassette and online releases.
All sounds and artwork by Sub Liquid. Professionally duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes. Limited to 100 copies from Rotifer.

RC62: IASOS - 'ELIXIR' (c56)

   edition of 250

This second Iasos reissue on Rotifer Cassettes comes in 3-D stereo, covering the full sonic range - from thunderous lows to crystalline highs that challenge your hearing. It is offered as a vibrational gateway, through sound, to the celestial realms of Light. Professionally duplicated on cassette for the first time since 1983 onto type II, chrome format. Original cover art by Andrew Annenberg, inner j-card artwork by Jonathan Dean.

Excerpts from ELIXIR by Iasos from Iasos on Vimeo.

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edition of 300

In celebration of Rotifer's 50th and Hooker Vision's 100th releases, the two labels have teamed up to offer a commemorative split LP between the labels' flagship bands, Seziki Tetrasheaf and Quiet Evenings.

The A side begins with Seziki's lost and found shuffle of mildewed grooves. Hazy recollections. Deep humidity.
On the flip, QE cool things down a bit with a bubbling hymn to the ocean and her mysteries. Lost in waves. Floating.

Mastered by Keith Fullerton Whitman.
Black vinyl with metallic silver and black label. Full color art by Jeffry Astin, David Toro, and Grant and Rachel Evans.

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1st edition of 200: sold out
2nd edition of 200: available

This is the album that began both the legacy of Iasos and the genre of "New Age" Music in 1975. This can be thought of as a sonic journey through a great many realms - from etheric tropical to inter-planetary - great for "consciousness-travelling" via sound. Professionally duplicated on cassette for the first time in over 30 years onto type II, chrome format.
Designed for focused listening - definitely not as "background music".

R. Buckminster Fuller (in a letter to Iasos)
"I find your inter-dimensional music needing new words to describe it. I feel as though I were entering a new world - a new and very profoundly beautiful world."

Alan Watts, Metaphysical Philosopher
"Iasos is doing the classical music of the New Age."